About James Portnow

James Portnow is a writer, game designer, speaker and video creator best known for Extra Credits, which Time called the one of the best channels on Youtube.

He has spoken at conferences and universities around the globe, arguing for the use of games not only as a pastime but as a way to educate and explore the human condition.  His passion is finding ways for this new medium to move past just being ‘fun’ and using everything we’ve learned in entertainment to make learning something everyone wants to do.

He received his masters from Carnegie Mellon and, when he can, teaches game design at the college level.  He’s worked with universities to help craft their game design curricula and can often be found on the road talking to up and coming educators about how to make the classroom a more enjoyable place.

For many years he’s been a game design consultant, working on projects ranging from the Call of Duty series to League of Legends  to Farmville… Though he’s asked us to emphasize that he was just a tiny tiny part of these projects and massive teams of much more talented people deserve most of the credit here.

In recent years he’s begun to move more into the world of writing, with a number of exciting projects that we can’t quite announce yet!